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Hotel real estate is our core competence!

We find the right hotel property if we don’t  already have it in our portfolio. Our clients consist of  private and institutional investors, as well as hotel operators and hotel developers – in both city and leisure destinations.

As a specialist for transactions in the hospitality real estate market, we see ourselves as a “match-maker” and find the property that fits the respective concept, strategy, budget or focus. This includes all classic hotel properties and resorts as well as all long stay concepts,  student housing and senior residences.

With our offices in Zurich, Frankfurt and Athens, we have a broad network and know-how with a focus on the DACH region and the entire Mediterranean area in order to find the most suitable opportunities for our clients. Furthermore, if desired, we can also cover all services related to a hotel property worldwide with our strategic partners and accompany the project from start to finish in the interest of our clients.

All of our properties are either off-market, in exclusivity or in a direct mandate relationship and are compiled individually, highly confidentially and exclusively for each client and prepared in detail by us so that the entire business case is clearly visible in each case.


M-Estate is the “HUB” where developers, Investors, Real Estate Agents and Hotel Operators meet and establish innovative and profitable projects. Beyond the customary functions of a Real Estate Agent, M-Estate follows the entire building acquisition process with the added value of a Strategical / Economical / Architectural consultancy.



Within the scope of a mandate or for a specific search order we provide the following services:

• Property search throughout Europe and worldwide
• Inspection of properties and analysis of the market environment
• Evaluation of potentials and risks
• Preparation of an optimized layout and utilization
(space planning and area calculations)
• CAPEX calculation
• P&L calculation based on potential or development calculation
• Creation of an initial look & feel for a possible/meaningful repositioning


In addition to our standard services, the following services can be provided in cooperation with our partners:

• Feasibility study
• Operator search
• Operational concept
• Interim management and hotel operations
• Asset management
• Architecture, Interior Design and General Planning
• Landscape design
• Branding, brand creation, image films, web design, CI and CD
• Micro and macro analysis
• Technical and commercial due diligence
• TSA support in all phases (contract negotiation to pre-opening)

Our Approach


M-Estate is committed to provide its clients an exclusive range of services that goes beyond locating a suitable property. Our high grade of discretion and professionalism is the base of our success establishing a durable and long-term relationship with our Customers.

Our clients are assured that all the advice and consultancies from M-Estate are based only on its expertise and competence. We are committed to offer our services depending only on our costumers needs and expectations.

Due to our durable and successful relations with our clients and suppliers, we reached a remarkable level of reliability and credibility, which we consider «condicio sine qua non» of our business.

Through our extensive network, we can source exclusive properties before they become available on the market, negotiating and acquiring them at the right price.

Confidentiality and Discretion
M-Estate ensures that all the information, instructions and materials involved are treated with the maximal secrecy and confidentiality. We operate assuring that our behavior will not be cause of any dispute and controversy.

All our commissions and fees are defined on a settled range-based structure, applied independently from the client involved.

As a result of our extensive experience in architecture, Interior Design, Real estate and marketing, we are able to properly evaluate and analyze the market fully, accomplishing the precise purposes of our clients.

Network Professional Partners
Network Professional Partners


M-Estate cooperates only with professional partners of similar rank and prestige. According to each case, we build handpicked teams in order to cover all aspects of the acquisition and post-acquisition requirements.

Properly manage the property acquisitions is our primary goal in order to achieve the expected clients purpose, with regards to the legal considerations for taxes and personal reasons. We have strategically well placed law firms who can address all aspects of this to the benefit of the buyer.

Design and Architecture
As an independent branch of an experienced architectural office, we can offer the best tailored architectural solution with our architects and interior design teams. Alternatively, we can overlook and manage through our know how and experience a local and external design team.

Estate Professionals
External specialists may be needed to cover all the technical aspects in different countries we are active in. Those are personally known by M-Estate who can guarantee the maximal credibility and efficiency from them.

We are able to introduce the clients to our network of banks and mortgage entities who will easily be able to find the best possible bespoken solution.


Address: Hardturmstrasse 181, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel.: +41 44 245 47-10,

Address: Niedenau 78, 60325 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Tel.: +49 151 589 45 826


We are delighted to fulfil your request.

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