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Expertise: About us

M.Estate is specialized in procuring and managing high grade estates for private Clients, Family offices and funds, requiring the maximal level of confidentiality, discretion and professionalism.
Based on a bespoken and confidential approach to our clients, our reputation ensures the best solution in delivering and achieving investments and properties purposes.
Due to our extended network in Switzerland and Europe, we are capable to source an exclusive range of properties, based on our client ultimate needs and expectations.
Mainly operating in Residential and Hospitality fields, M.Estate assures a long-term strategy for the complete buying and management of prime property assets.


As a prime consultant in our area and the countries we represent, we offer a full scope of services, that secures the clients in every step of process. Going beyond the limits of a traditional real estate agent, we are committed to provide our customers a tailored and very discreet approach in every part of the purchase and post-purchase phase.


Integrating experience from different fields such as Architecture, Interior Design, Real estate, and Marketing we establish an individual structure of competences which is based on the personal requirements of our clients.


We hand select high quality/end property from an extended network of connections in Switzerland and across Europe. By virtue of our background and our established structure, we are competent in procuring and acquiring exclusive estates in Residential such as Hospitality field.


Based on a case by case market intelligence, M.Estate locates the precise property, offering financial and legal advice until the potential development phase, assuring maximal confidentiality in managing and meeting clients ultimate expectations.


M.estate is committed to provide its clients an exclusive range of services that goes beyond locating a suitable property. Our high grade of discretion and professionalism is the base of our success establishing a durable and long-term relationship with our Customers.


Our clients are assured that all the advice and consultancies from M.Estate are based only on its expertise and competence. We are committed to offer our services depending only on our costumers needs and expectations.

Confidentiality and Discretion

M.Estate ensures that all the information, instructions and materials involved are treated with the maximal secrecy and confidentiality. We operate assuring that our behaviour will not be cause of any dispute and controversy.


All our commissions and fees are defined on a settled range-based structure, applied indipendently from the client involved.


As a result of our extensive experience in architecture, Interior Design, Real estate and marketing, we are able to properly evaluate and analyze the market fully accomplishing the precise purposes of our clients.


By reason of our durable and succesfull relations with clients and suppliers, we reached a remarkable level of reliability and credibility, which we consider «condicio sine qua non» of our business.


Through our extensive network, we can source exclusive properties before they become available on the market, negotiating and acquiring them at the right price.





M.estate cooperates only with professional partners of similar rank and prestige. Based on each case, we settle handpicked teams , in order to cover all aspects of the acquisition and post-acquisition requirements.


Properly manage the property acquisitions is our primary goal in order to achieve the expected clients purpose, with regards to the legal considerations for taxes and personal reasons. We have strategically well placed law firms who can address all aspects of this to the benefit of the buyer.


We are able to introduce the clients to our network of banks and morgage entities who will be easly able to find the best possible bespoken solution.

Estate Professionals

External specialists may be needed to cover all the technical aspects in different countries we are active in. Those are personally known by M.Estate who can guarantee the maximal credibility and effeciency of them.

Design and Architecture

As an independent branch of an experieced architectural office, we can offer the best tailored architectural solution with our architects and interior design teams or we control and manage though our know how and experience a local and external design team.

For more information on our expertise or to arrange an informal meeting, please contact:

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8005 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 245 47 – 10
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We are delighted to fulfil your request.

Covering a range from leisure estates by the Mediterranean water, the wine fields of North Italy all the way to city based or alpine property in Switzerland or Austria, we ensure and source the properties according to our client’s lifestyles and requirements.
Whether it is for investment or personal use: a refurbishment, conversion or build completely new on a unique location – we will find the appropriate place and property.


Offering exclusive opportunities in prime locations, covering a range from boutique hotels, resorts to luxury serviced villas, we are assisting and advise our clients through the purchasing stage.
Our network and experience in the hospitality segment allows us to contact operators from the world renowned brands for the future hotel management while offering support and solutions in the field of architecture, interior design, branding and management of the Hotel.

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